Recurring PaymentsRecurring Processing Solutions

Merchant Services Minnesota offers ePN Recurring Transaction Processing Services which is integrated directly into the full suite of Secure Real-Time Transaction Processing Services. Our merchants use ePNRecur to sell merchandise in installments and to offer products or services on a subscription or membership basis.

ePNRecur is available within the ePN Online Terminal, allowing merchants to easily specify how often (weekly, monthly, etc.) and how many times to repeat an approved transaction.

Recurring Methods can be defined by merchants within ePN Advanced:

  • Type (Sale, Auth Only) and Amount of the Initial transaction.
  • When to process the Initial Transaction, allowing for immediate or delayed processing.
  • Amount of the Recurring Transactions.
  • How often to Process Recurring Transactions (Weekly, Monthly, 60, 90 days).
  • Number of Times to Process the Recurring Transaction, Allowing for a Limited Number of Recurs or Recurs until the Merchant Deletes the Transaction.

ePNRecur Advanced allows merchants to offer recurring transaction processing through ePNCart, or any of ePN‘s integration methods, by simply specifying which Recurring Method to apply to the transaction.


  • Automate Multiple Payments
  • Supports Memberships or Subscriptions
  • Easily Specify Repetition Sequence for Payments
  • ePNRecur Integrates with Other ePN Processing Solutions

To request information on utilizing ePN Secure Transaction Processing Services, please contact us.