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The ePN Payment Gateway can process your in-store Point Of Sale (POS) transactions securely through a number of different devices, including MagStripe readers, combination MagStripe/MICR readers and combination MagStripe Readers/Printers.
More and more businesses are getting Internet connections every day, and with that in mind, why pay for dedicated phone lines for each of your terminals?

  • Process Payments on Your In-Store Computer (additional equipment required – multiple options)
  • No Need for a Separate POS Terminal
  • No Need for an Extra Telephone Line – Process Your Payment over Your Existing Internet Connection
  • ePN Supports Multiple Card Reading Devices, Combination Card Reader/Check Readers, Combination Card Reader/Printer, and PIN-Pad/Signature Capture Devices
  • Detailed Transaction Reporting
  • Secure
  • Print Receipts to Your Existing Computer Printer
  • Simple, Intuitive User Interface
  • Easy to Setup Account

To request information on utilizing ePN Secure Transaction Processing Services, please contact us.