Inventory ManagementIntegrated Inventory Management

ePNInventory provides merchants the ability to manage a perpetual inventory with minimal investment of time and money. Simple, solid and reliable, the ideal solution for a storefront retailer, online retailer or even remote field sales. Easy to learn and implement, providing a suite of reports and notifications, ePNInventory allows merchants to focus on their business, not the software running their business.

Inventory levels are automatically adjusted when products are purchased, either manually or by using a barcode scanner. All inventory and credit card information is stored at ePN’s secure servers. Managing ePNInventory is simple, yet powerful, as it can be managed from any computer with Internet access.


  • Process Point-of-Sale, Wireless, eCommerce payment transactions and manage inventory through ONE ePN account
  • Cost effective, electronic inventory management
  • Virtually eliminates out-of-stock situations
  • Tracks product and seasonal sales trends
  • Eliminates human error caused by manual systems
  • No software required – product database is stored online, no loss risk
  • Supported by a known payment industry innovator

To request information on utilizing ePN Secure Transaction Processing Services, please contact us.