Business Financial Software Processing Solutions

The ePNPlugIn for QuickBooks® module available from Merchant Services Minnesota allows merchants to consolidate their Internet, Mobile, and POS credit card and check transactions together with the software most commonly used to run a business, QuickBooks® Accounting Software.

ePN offers real-time credit card and transaction processing from within QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Premier And QuickBooks® Enterprise, allowing merchants to process transactions and apply open invoices in one easy step.

Using the ePNPlugIn you can select Invoices and Enter Payment Amount To Apply. Process Real-Time Credit Card and Check Transactions Using Each Merchant’s Own Merchant Account.


  • Utilize Your Existing Processor Relationships To Process Credit Card And Check Transactions FROM DIRECTLY WITHIN QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Premier And QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions
  • Apply Payments to Open Invoices
  • Integrate Internet, POS, Mobile and Recurring Transactions Processed Through ePN Directly Into QuickBooks®
  • Supports The MagTek USB MagStripe Reader For SWIPED RATES
  • Safe, Secure
  • Use One Merchant Account For All Sales Channels
  • Simple, Easy Setup with Software You Already Use
  • Access all the Reporting and Detailed Features of QuickBooks® Accounting Software for All Your Transaction History

To request information on utilizing ePN Secure Transaction Processing Services, please contact us.